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90 Day Fiance: Liz Reveals Why She Split from Ed & Doesn’t Follow Him

Liz broke her silence and announced her breakup with Big Ed. She is now explaining why she did it and why she stopped following Ed on IG.

The 90 Day: The Single Life star Liz recently revealed why she doesn’t follow her ex-boyfriend Big Ed on Instagram. The rising reality TV star also shared why she shared the breakup post when everything appeared to be going great between the couple. Earlier, Liz shared that she used to avoid Ed, and his popularity often annoyed her. Eventually, the couple started talking to each other and went out on their first date. Viewers were surprised to watch that Liz agreed to be Ed’s girlfriend even though he was trying to rush things.

Many The Single Life viewers remember that embarrassing moment when the 28-year-old single mom told Ed that she wanted to take things slow, and he still tried to kiss her on the lips. She had to dodge that kiss, which made her feel pretty awkward. Still, Liz gave Ed another chance and took him as a date to her co-worker’s wedding. She posted a couple of cuddly pictures just a few weeks back. However, she has recently announced on Instagram that she is no longer in a relationship with Ed.

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Obviously, The Single Life fans have several follow-up questions about this abrupt breakup and overall relationship. A curious fan asked Liz why she never followed Ed on Instagram when they were dating. Instead of ignoring the question, Liz replied, “We used to follow each other for a short amount of time, and then I stopped because his page is a bit much haha.” She thinks that Ed shares excessively on his Instagram and that used to “blow up” her news feed.

They were always around each other when they were dating, so Liz didn’t need to see him on the phone every time she opened her social media app. Liz also shared that she was “very much involved” in the relationship. But, she saw that the San Diego native kept posting pictures with young girls and his trips. He once shared a “drunkenly video of what he’s looking for in his next woman.” Liz argued that when he is already talking about their breakup, why does she have to be respectful in return. She didn’t want to be tagged in his outings. She said, “It’s not my business anymore.

The restaurant manager wants to live her life without any obligations. Liz added, “I am allowed to live my life publicly or in private without living in someone else’s shadow.” It is quite strange that Ed is still claiming in the interviews that Liz is his “muse,” and they are in love. He even revealed some juicy bedroom details that they once did the deed eight times in the night. Even though the couple has decided to go their separate ways, it would be interesting to see how their story would end on 90 Day: The Single Life. It might feature Ed’s some more embarrassing moments.

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